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Paul Massey, Rerecording Mixer — Ojai, CA
5.1 Film Mix Room Acoustical Design and Analysis
“MediaRooms did an excellent design of my new mix room. Mixes there sound great and translate well to my stage at Sony, so I can mix a project using both stages with complete confidence in what I’m hearing. And Bruce provided excellent advice and service throughout construction, and was a joy to work with, so I can say unequivocally they are the ones to use.”
Paul Massey, Rerecording Mixer, Sony Pictures Entertainment
Paul Massey sound room
Max Post — Burbank, CA
Acoustical Design & Consultation for 3 Mix Rooms
“Over time, we’ve had MediaRooms Technology design three mix rooms for our television work. Each time Bruce’s designs have helped our mixers get much better mixes in far less time, while substantially reducing mixer fatigue and providing a very pleasing listening environment. Our clients are happy and our mixers are happy, so we’re happy we chose MediaRooms.” — Mike Walsh, Vice President of Technical Operations
“My mixes translate better than ever before, and there’s no more ear fatigue. A very worthwhile investment.” — Bob Bronow, Rerecording Mixer
Max Post mix room
Vox Mundi Audiovisual — Sao Paulo, Brazil
7.1 Film Mix Room Acoustical Design &Consultation
“We needed a great re-recording mixing room for theatrical productions in Brazil and we are very happy that we chose Bruce at MediaRooms Technology. He helped us select a good site, provided us with acoustical design and consultation, and consulted on the facility’s general construction. We now have a mix room with amazing sound.”
Armando Torres Jr., Rerecording Mixer
Vox Mundi studio
Captain Audio — Burbank, CA
Sound Editorial Room
“I’m happy to report I love my studio. It’s such a pleasure to work in and is a great escape from the outside world. I can work for hours without any ear fatigue.”
Todd Niesen, Editor and Owner
Captain Audio editorial room