MRT’s work encompasses acoustical design and consulting, acoustical analysis, diagnosis of acoustical problems, and remediation consultation for post production audio facilities, screening and color correction rooms, music studios, home theaters, and restaurants.

MRT can work with your choice of architect and/or general contractor, or provide recommendations to people and companies we have successfully worked with before.

Technicolor — Burbank, CA
Acoustical upgrades - Mix Stage

Light Iron Digital — Hollywood, CA
Three 5.1 Color Correction/Digital Intermediate Theaters Acoustical Design and Analysis

Skywalker Sound — Marin County, CA
Client’s Screening Room - Assess Sound Intrusion Problem

HBO West Coast — Santa Monica, CA
5.1 Executive Screening Room - Acoustical Design & Treatment
5.1 Screening Room Acoustical Analysis
Media Center Redesign and Reintegration

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science — Beverly Hills, CA
Design, construct and install custom electronic format selector for cinema processor
Design, construct and install custom electronic audio interface

Sony Pictures Entertainment — Culver City, CA
Acoustical Room Analysis – TV Mix Stage
Acoustical Room Analysis – Trailer Mix Stage

Bruce Botnick — Ojai, CA
Acoustical Room Analysis and Upgrades

Radium/Reel FX — Santa Monica, CA
7.1 Screening Room - Acoustical Consultation, B-Chain Installation, & Room Tuning


Michael Mann, Motion Picture Director — Los Angeles, CA
5.1 Screening Room Expansion
Home Theater Expansion and Upgrade

Studio Awesome — Hollywood, CA
Five Room Voice-Over Facility Design

Robert Irving Productions — Los Angeles, CA & Anacortes, WA
Recording Studio Control Room Upgrade - Los Angeles
New Recording Studio Design - Anacortes

Larson Studios — Hollywood, CA
Two 7.1 Television Mix Stages Acoustical Design and Analysis
Foley Stage Acoustical Design and Analysis

Picture Head — Hollywood, CA
5.1 Mix Room Acoustical Design

Post Haste Sound — Los Angeles, CA
Acoustical consultation for sound intrusion

Ott House Audio — Silver Springs, MD
Room tuning
Acoustical upgrade consultation

Before Noon Productions — Studio City, CA
Acoustical Analysis
Acoustical upgrades

Dubbing Brothers — Burbank, CA
Upgrades to multiple post production rooms